Truly flushable wipes

The best flushable wipes biodegradable

  1. Cottonelle flushable wipe

can you use cottonelle flushable wipes on your face? Of course. Strictly speaking, they aren’t just for wiping the bottom. I’ve seen them used in all places I could imagine. Truck drivers use them to clean off dust and sweat from the neck after a long day of traversing through the wilderness while makeup artists use them as flushable feminine wipes. As a matter of fact, this company produces one of the best feminine wipes for odor.

cottonelle flushable wipes ingredients

  1. Water – Cleans physical debris from the skin and unclogs sweat pores
  2. Sodium Chloride – This gives it fabric strength that disintegrates on flushing
  3. Sodium Benzoate – this is the preservative that keeps them fresh
  4. Malic acid – this neutralizes the acid from the other ingredients ensuring that they’re safe for use on sensitive skin

Are cottonelle wipes individually wrapped? Yes, they come in various options. There’s a suitable package for everyone. I have found out that a cottonelle flushable wipes bulk package gives the best value for money considering that you’re getting over 250 adult wet wipes for under 50 bucks.

Findings of a recent study revealed that many people believe that flushable adult wipes are more effective at cleaning the bottom when wiping. Do you think this is true? Toilet matters aren’t anyone’s favorite. Perhaps this is why man people suffer in silence. I mean would you seek assistance on why your butt is smelly after taking a number two? Most people wouldn’t. Quick analogy: Imagine that you smeared chocolate over marble tiles (I’m sure you know where this is headed). You then try to wipe it off using dry tissue paper. Don’t you believe that adult wet wipes would be more effective in this scenario? flushable adult wipes are great at you know what. Here are 6 reasons as to why you should start using them (If you haven’t changed your wiping strategy yet)

Are flushable wipes advantageous?

  1. There are good quality flushable wipes that actually disintegrate

There’s a popular myth that all flushable wipes clog sewers. In fact, a few online “experts” advise that the “Flushable Wipes” tag is usually a marketing gimmick and that they don’t actually disintegrate. Even though most flushable wipes are quality tested, do not expect them to disintegrate as fast as regular tissue paper. They often dissolve after an hour of being flushed. Do not mistake baby wipes and make up wipes with flushable wipes however, these ones will actually clog up your sewer system.

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  1. They’re alcohol free

It’s true that the alcohol is a good antiseptic. But have you ever had a spicy meal and felt a burning sensation when visiting the bathroom? The skin around the anus is very sensitive. If you’re looking for anti-bacterial wipes, go for aloe Vera based ones instead. This natural germicide is soft on the skin and tough on germs.

  1. There are hypoallergenic wipes for adults

This means that they do not have allergens on them. As you’re already aware, the skin around the anal orifice is relatively thin and easily irritated by allergens. Do not use non-hypoallergenic wipes for adults unless you want to end up with inflammations on your you know what

  1. They have varying degrees of moisture

Strictly speaking, this boils down to personal opinion. They wouldn’t be marketed as moist flushable adult wipes if they didn’t have moisture on them, would they? Confirm their ease of use by dragging them across the skin. If they do not move with ease while leaving a cold sensation, then they won’t be any good.

  1. large flushable wipes are more effective

Try wiping with anything below 6’ by 6’ and you will notice that it won’t be large enough to cover your butt while wiping. Technically speaking, you should only wipe the anus but we all know this is the easiest way to getting chocolate laced fingers. Or (worse) brown debris in the fingernails.

  1. They should come in a discrete packaging

I’m sure you don’t want a package that screams “I have just ordered a box full of flushable adult wipes” to the whole neighborhood. In fact, they should come in a discrete carrying case that you can carry to the gym, workplace or friends place without raising eyebrows.