Spark off the beauty of your room with a vacuum cleaner that washes carpet

Spark off the beauty of your room with a vacuum cleaner that washes carpet


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Your home’s ambiance is all that brings you back home after a tiresome day. Carpets make your home comfortable and simply beautiful. Carpets need the right equipment to maintain their elegance. A normal vacuum cleaner would have done the job if it were only the surface dust. What of the much tougher stains to remove? It’s time for a vacuum cleaner that washes carpet to intervene.

No one ever talks about how tough it can be to maintain this beauty. Think of it this way, that beautiful carpet spanning across your room that keeps your warm feet suddenly get spilled to with juice during that party you invited your friends to last night.

Well, I know you even don’t want to imagine. With such a stain, a normal vacuum cleaner won’t do the job. Here is where a vacuum cleaner that washes carpet plays its key role in your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be that tough when you have got this amazing machine. With it, you will be sure of a fresh, clean and beautiful carpet every day.

The best vacuum cleaner that washes carpet

Here is the good news; I have found the best washing vacuum cleaner for you. The bad news is that there are only three that I can assure you of great results, quality services and a great deal for your money. It isn’t that bad after all. Why would I waste your time?

Time to see them, lad:

  1. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine

The tough stains on your carpet steaming you up again? Its time to put up that smiley face again with the help of the classic red Hoover Power Scrub carpet cleaner machine. It uses some strong chemical solutions side by side with steam to wipe out all the stains on your carpet that you so want to get rid of.

The major cleaning arsenal that this contraption uses to fight the tough stains, dust, pet fur and waste is a system of 5 spinning scrub brushes. This is a feature like no other as it offers a safe and deep carpet cleaning. They spin to a 360° rotation between them covering larger spans for quicker and more intense cleaning.

The process of removing tough stains is made more intense and quicker by the direct forced heated air into the carpet fibers. This also boosts up the drying of your carpet.

The Dual IV nozzle feature in this great appliance ensures that there is equal strong suction. This is important for an even and faster cleaning process.

Other parts that give this machine an awesome and more functional structure are a water tank, an Automix solution tank, a water solution trigger switch and not to forget the hole for attachment of the detachable hose. All of this just gives a total of a light 19 pounds.

This means you could easily lift it to the place you want it to work on easily. After all, you won’t have to lift it to every whereas the 20-foot long power cord can be used from one room to another without necessarily unplugging it from the power source.

The tool can be easily filled, emptied and cleaned making cleaning carpet a breeze. Don’t forget, you can use this tool not just for the carpet but also for the hard to reach areas such as staircase corners using the 8-inch hose and upholstery tool.

  1. Kenmore 600 Series Carpet Cleaner Machine

Kenmore 600 Series Carpet Cleaner Machine offers a more versatile approach to the maximum scratch-free vacuum cleaning solution for any surface; from the delicate furniture in your home to the fluffy carpet. The bagged canister vacuum design ensures that the tough stains on your carpet are removed as quickly as possible.

Do you have pets in your home? Then worry not of the stubborn pet hair and dirt that falls to your surfaces. This carpet cleaner with a pet PowerMate feature lifts them all. Its unique design will ensure that the hair does not tangle up in the brush.

This powerful machine stores vacuum inside it, the wand and handle are so quick to attach making it a very convenient pop-n-go brush. The adjustable aluminum telescoping wand is extendable to a reach of 10 inches to reach up to those corners and crevices. The detachable handle will aid you in cleaning furniture and the interior of cars.

This machine understands the range of items you may need to clean. Some are delicate and fluffy such as your carpet and some are hard such as garage floors. This is why it has a variable power control to ensure a perfect transition between the surfaces.

The HEPA certified filtration system ensures that 99.9% of the dirt, pollen, pet hair (looking for a vacuum that cuts hair?), and other allergens are captured. The entire system is lightweight for easy movement of the machine from one room to another.

How much more convenient could a carpet cleaner machine ever get? It’s simply the best.

  1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Carpet Cleaner Machine

The Shark Navigator is a quality lightweight proven solution to all your dirt problems. This upright vacuum cleaner has a detachable canister allowing you to do portable cleaning. It has been engineered with the Lift-Away technology that easily lifts the canister and reach up to the dirt in hard to reach areas. This is all made possible in a push of a button.

Also, this powerful machine has with it a whole sealed system and a HEPA filter technology to trap 99.9% of the dust, hair, pollen and other allergens in your room. You won’t have to sneeze anymore once you clean your carpet with this machine.

All your cleaning surfaces have been considered in its design. We have the Brushroll Shutoff Deep carpet cleaning as well as the gentle bare floor option. You should select the right one for your use and easily switch.

The 13.7-pound lightweight carpet cleaner machine welcomes you to a whole new dirt-free world.