A vacuum that cuts hair; the ultimate solution to the hair strands on the floor

Flowbee – the vacuum that cuts hair

Dealing with pet or human hair on your carpets isn’t as difficult as it sounds. If you listen to people or read on the online platforms, you might even think there is no solution to these issues. This is not the case since, with this flowbee vacuum that cuts hair, there is no cleaning limit. It is easy to use and cuts the hair efficiently just the way you’d love.

This is a haircutting system, that can be easily attached to a vacuum cleaner to make it easier to cut the sucked hair into smaller pieces for easier disposal. This system is so simple to use and gives precise results. Just like the hairdressers pull the strands of hair between their fingers and twist and cut to desired lengths, this is the same way the flowbee works. When attached to the vacuum, the flowbee makes use of the suction power of the vacuum and draws the hair strands and cuts them every time to a precise length. This cutting length will vary with what you have set on the flowbee. The device as pro spacers that work to make sure that there is no case the hair is cut shorter than the set length.

The flowbee is easy to attach to the vacuum cleaner. This is done using a simple rubber vacuum adapter, which comes in the package plus an extra one for replacements. The product is very flexible as it can fit into almost all vacuum cleaners and deliver the same precise cut every time. The flowbee haircutting system is the ultimate solution for all the vacuuming problems in your home. Not just vacuuming, but you can also use the system for hairstyling and it will deliver the same results even with your eyes closed. However, for styling, this is recommended for only human hair. The product weighs just 3.05 pounds which is very light and easy to use and requires no batteries.

There is no way you can avoid strands of hair on your floors or carpets. This is made even worse if you happen to own some pets such as cats or dogs. If you don’t take care of these hairs on your floor, you will most likely, end up attracting dust mites and the result of this could be as serious as getting an infection or an allergy.

What Is a Vacuum for Long Hair?

Luckily, we have vacuums that aid in cleaning up the hairs. These vacuums work by sucking up the hairs from the floor. They work perfectly for both human or pet long hair. Choosing a vacuum that cuts hair needs a lot of care. Making a poor choice could be just like getting another pet. They work by a basic principle of powerful suction. In this case, the powerful suction picks up any light particle the machine comes across, whether big or small. When it comes to this vacuum, it collects the long pieces and cuts them into finer pieces to ease the cleaning. This turns a five minutes cleaning session to an amazing result which could have taken you months to deal with.

Why should you use a vacuum that cuts hair to pick up the hair?

Unlike sweeping or mopping the floor or carpets, vacuum cleaning much better and effective. Vacuum cleaners are powerful and this makes them the most ideal to use for cleaning hair (both pet and human). The suction principle beats all the other options. In most cases, vacuums that are good for human hair will pick up any other small piece on that floor. So, in the end, it’s not just the hair but the dust in general.

How can you choose the best vacuum that cuts hair?

To be honest, choosing a crappy vacuum will be a whole lot dramatic. You may even end up creating more trouble with the hair rather than helping yourself out. Choosing a vacuum isn’t as hard as you may think. It just requires care and a proper understanding of what you intend to do with it.

You should consider safety. This is a man-made machine and is very unpredictable. No matter how fast and effective a vacuum cleaner could be, without safety, it becomes as good as useless. It should be easy to use, manoeuvre and it should be such that it can cause zero injuries to the operator.

Remember to look at the vacuums brush roll clean up technology. The best vacuum cleaners will automatically remove the hairs that have been caught by the brush roll and deposit them into the dust cup, all by a touch of a button.

Choose a light vacuum cleaner. This is in terms of weight. A light vacuum would be easier to use push and pull around the floor space as you do the cleaning.

The dirt capacity is also worth checking. If the dust cup can hold a lot of sucked dust or rather dirt, the better it will be for you.

Lastly, check the ergonomic design of the vacuum that cuts hair. The best vacuums are easy to hold during cleaning and ones that make sure that your hands are protected.

5 Best Vacuums for removing hair

Here are my picks for the best vacuums that cut hair. Hopefully, the list will help.

1. The shark navigator upright vacuum

Just as the name suggests, this vacuum is an upright vacuum that can be used for floor and carpet cleaning. For more portability, all you have to do is detach the canister to switch into lift away mode to clean areas above the ground such as staircases and furniture. Its anti-allergen complete seal make technology and HEPA filters make sure that even the finest dust is trapped to make sure you’re protected.

2. Shark rotator vacuum

This is another vacuum by shark that has been made to cater for all your needs. The most unique feature about this cleaner is its extra-large capacity of the dust cup and its extra performance. It comes with fingertip controls that enable you to choose between carpet and hard floor modes. It also has a lift-away mode that makes it easy for you to clean the above floor areas that include stairs and high placed furniture

3. Shark ion robot

This is the most sophisticated vacuum that you’ll ever come across. It works with an Alexa whose purpose is to control the cleaner with the use of a voice command. However, the Alexa is sold completely separate. The sensor system easily allows the cleaner to make way between objects while cleaning. Double brushes ensure that all the dust and debris particles are pulled from all corners for a proper clean up. Its battery can last even up to an hour in terms of cleaning time.

4. Shark navigator professional

Just like the other shark cleaners, this vacuum also comes with the lift-away feature. With a press of a button, the canister will detach away giving you room to reach the high areas such as the walls and the curtains. It’s light in weight, very portable and easy to move around and operate on your floor area. A cord length of close to 30 feet gives you all the roaming freedom that you need during cleaning.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E
List Price:$249.99
You Save:$38.80
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5. Hoover Linx cordless cleaner

With this cleaner, there is no corner of your floor space that you can’t access. Its handle is extremely reclinable. This will help you reach even below those sofas and beds without having to move any of them. Comes with several modes that are easy to switch between. They include the carpet and hard floor modes. It lightweight and portable which makes it the most convenient to use for large floor spaces. It uses wind tunnel technology that helps suck up embedded dirt from crevices and hard to reach corners. The bristles also rotate to make sure that you clean those hard to reach areas.

The above 5 picks of vacuum cleaners have been proven effective. It all depends on one’s taste and personal preferences. The most important thing is to pick something that is within your budget and one that will serve you right.