how to wipe front to back with short arms

its uncomfortable to wipe front to back


  • Angled Nozzle
  • Portable
  • No need for power
  • Prevents haemorrhoids too


  • Bottom Buddy
  • Tissue / Wet Wipes
  • Release Button
  • Storage Bag


  • Freedom Wand
  • Tissue / Wet wipes
  • Release Button
  • Carry Bag

According to health specialists, the best and healthiest way to wipe a butt is from the front towards the back. This is not so emphasized for men but for the ladies, this has been termed as a necessity from as early as an age of 1. The reason behind this is very simple. The urethra is very close to the butt opening. Due to this reason, wiping towards the front would lead to contact with the faecal matter which might cause some serious infections such as UTI. Almost everyone has some knowledge of this basic science. However, the problem comes when you want to wipe in this right way but your arms are too short to reach. This is a common problem for obese people. So here’s how to wipe with your short arms.

  1. how to wipe front to back with short arms using wiping aids

you may feel wiping your butt from front to back is a simple procedure that every individual should mater. This is very wrong as we have individuals who need wiping aids to help them reach their butts. Wiping aids are simply tools made from plastic, fitted with a handle and a soft end that help the individual to reach their bottoms while wiping. The market has a variety of these tools and they include butt wipers. They are very easy to use as all you need is the gadget and some tissue or wet wipes. Preferably, use flushable wet wipes as they are softer and clean better than the ordinary tissue. Once you attach the wipes to the end of the wiping aid, just wipe gently from front to the back till you’re satisfied. You can always replace the dirty wipe by just pressing a button on the handle that will dispense the wipe into the toilet bowl. Once you’re done, its recommended that you wash the aid to prevent infections. Clearly, this could be the best help you can ever get if your arms are too short to wipe.

  1. Ask for help

Just in case you are not lucky to grab a wiping aid for yourself, you can always ask for help. This could be anyone starting from a parent, a friend, a spouse or any other person as long as he or she is comfortable with facing your poop. If you’re lucky to have a spouse, good for you because they will make sure that you wipe from front to back. If not, then I’m afraid you have to walk around smelling like a hog.

  1. Use a bidet or else take a shower

A bidet is simply a water jet that will splash water around your genital areas. This, of course, will include the butt. If your arms are too short to reach, then water can always be the solution. immediately you take the crap, rush to the bathroom and take a shower. This is much better than staying smelling nasty just because you can’t reach your butt.


how to wipe front to back with short arms is not so easy. But with the above tips, it shouldn’t be a headache anymore. However, if you buy the wiping aid, it would be best if you kept it to yourself. Don’t share with anyone for this is a personal effect and sharing might lead to infections.