Are wipes better than toilet paper?

Are wipes better than toilet paper?


  • Wavy Texture
  • Septic Safe
  • Flushable
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Cleans "dude" parts
  • Septic Safe
  • Flushable
  • Unscented


  • Fragrance free
  • Sewer Safe
  • Flushable
  • Chlorine Free

We all take a crap at least once a day. And this means that we all wipe out butts. Well, this is a choice. The most common way of wiping is the toilet paper. Ever since it was invented, it has become a very important essential in every household. To be fair, it does a good job if well used. However, we have other wiping alternatives such as the wet wipes. They do a good job as well. In fact, I can say they are better than toilet paper. So who is really the bathroom king between toilet paper and wipes? Are wipes better than toilet paper? To make this battle easy, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the wipes and then you can make a fair conclusion.

Here’s why wipes are better than toilet paper.

  1. They are soft

Not to hate on the toilet paper but wipes are way soft and tender on the butt. For this reason, they don’t tear when wiping.

  1. They wipe better

For the wet wipes, it’s very obvious that the extra moisture will do a better wipe than the toilet paper. People have confessed on online platforms that toilet paper has teared down when wiping leaving them with some “cream” on their hands.

  1. They are easy to use.

Using wipes isn’t complicated. You just pull one from the pack, wipe and you’re done. From there you just dispose it off or flush down the toilet.

Wipes don’t really have any cons. However, it would be a disaster if the wipes aren’t flushable. This will clog your drainage if you make an attempt of flushing them down the toilet. Clearly, wipes have won this bathroom battle.

To end this blog post, here’s a pro tip! always go for flushable wipes.