wiping bum never clean? how I dealt with it

wiping bum never clean? Here’s a round eyed hack!

wiping your butt doesn’t guarantee you that it shall be clean. Many people are faced with these issues and to be more precise, the obese people. Because of the overlapping layers of fat, wiping an obese butt can be a challenge and even if one manages to wipe, he or she isn’t guaranteed of a clean effective wipe. Maybe you’ve been having this issues day in day out. wiping bum never clean? Here is a simple hack to solve this. 

  1. Use wet wipes instead of toilet paper.

To be honest, wet wipes are far much better than tissues paper when it comes to toileting hygiene. To be more specific, they work very well for obese people. Wet wipes, especially the flushable and biodegradable ones work very well with obese butts. They have a much softer texture compared to tissues. This makes sure that you get to reach the inner crevices left by the overlapping layers of fat leaving no traces of crap. As the name indicates, these are wet wipes. They come with some moisture, with a pleasant smell that remains after wiping. These wipes will help you with your toileting routine. They are easy to use. Just pull from the packet, wipe the bum and flash. As easy as that. They are easy to carry around for purposes of a short or long trip. This combination of unique features should guarantee you bum hygiene. Don’t walk around smelling like crap while you could just grab a wet wipe and clean up the mess easily. see our buying guide

  1. wiping bum never clean? Take a crap followed by a shower.

Based on my personal experience as a nurse, I have handled many obese and elderly people who even after wiping their butts, can’t help but smell like some hogs. This is a horrible smell that you don’t want to have near you. This is why I recommend a shower immediately after using the toilet. This is basic. When you take a crap, even the most careful wiping won’t clean the obese bottom well. By taking a shower, you increase your chances of cleaning up the left linings of crap. This will leave you all freshened up. Once you take a crap, you don’t even have to wipe. Just jump into the shower and clean it up.

  1. You might want to change your tissue brand

Tissues aren’t made the same way and using the same material. That’s why you’ll find some tissue with softer textures than the others, some will tear easier than the others. wiping bum never clean means that chances are very high you’re using very low-quality tissue paper. Some tissues are so devastating that they tear up when trying to wipe. As a result, you end up wiping bum never clean or even touching your poop. Disgusting. Isn’t it? This is why you should change your tissue brand. Go for softer brands and once that have some sort of a pattern to give you a better grip of the poop for proper wiping.

Wiping a butt isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, with the above guide, you should be able to wipe it as clean as it should be.